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Python, pasted on Feb 27:
# Docker Image used to test CRUX Contrib Ports
# VERSION: 0.1

FROM crux
MAINTAINER James Mills <prologic@shortcircuitnet.au>

# Add local contrib to /usr/ports/contrib
ADD . /usr/ports/contrib/

# Configure Package Manager
RUN sed -i -e "s|^#prtdir /usr/ports/contrib|prtdir /usr/ports/contrib|" /etc/prt-get.conf
RUN sed -i -e "s|^# readme.*$|readme verbose|" /etc/prt-get.conf
RUN sed -i -e "s|^# preferhigher.*$|preferhigher yes|" /etc/prt-get.conf
RUN sed -i -e "s|^# runscripts.*$|runscripts yes|" /etc/prt-get.conf

# Update Ports
RUN ports -u core opt xorg
RUN prt-get cache

# XXX: Replace with what you're testing here
RUN prt-get depinst virtualenv

CMD ["/bin/bash"]

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