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Plain Text, pasted on Sep 19:
xsdb ~/analog_jesd/no-OS/scripts/xsdb.tcl MICROBLAZE
rlwrap: warning: your $TERM is 'xterm-256color' but rlwrap couldn't find it in the terminfo database. Expect some problems.
100%   10MB   0.3MB/s  00:29
Downloading Program -- ~/analog_jesd/no-OS/fmcdaq2/vc707/sw/Release/sw.elf
  section, .vectors.reset: 0x00000000 - 0x00000007
  section, .vectors.sw_exception: 0x00000008 - 0x0000000f
  section, .vectors.interrupt: 0x00000010 - 0x00000017
  section, .vectors.hw_exception: 0x00000020 - 0x00000027
  section, .text: 0x80000000 - 0x80014b4b
  section, .init: 0x80014b4c - 0x80014b87
  section, .fini: 0x80014b88 - 0x80014ba7
  section, .ctors: 0x80014ba8 - 0x80014baf
  section, .dtors: 0x80014bb0 - 0x80014bb7
  section, .rodata: 0x80014bb8 - 0x80016c2b
  section, .sdata2: 0x80016c2c - 0x80016c2f
  section, .data: 0x80016c30 - 0x800172a7
  section, .sdata: 0x800172a8 - 0x800172a7
  section, .sbss: 0x800172a8 - 0x800172a7
  section, .bss: 0x800172a8 - 0x80017303
  section, .heap: 0x80017304 - 0x80017b07
  section, .stack: 0x80017b08 - 0x80017f07
100%    0MB   0.0MB/s  00:03
Setting PC to Program Start Address 0x00000000
Successfully downloaded ~/analog_jesd/no-OS/fmcdaq2/vc707/sw/Release/sw.elf

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