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programmingpraxis - Scheme, pasted on Nov 22:
; thou impertinent urchin-faced miscreant

(define (string-join sep ss)
  (define (f s ss)
    (string-append s (string sep) ss))
  (define (join ss)
    (if (null? (cdr ss)) (car ss)
      (f (car ss) (join (cdr ss)))))
  (if (null? ss) "" (join ss)))

(define rand #f)
(define randint #f)
(let ((two31 #x80000000) (a (make-vector 56 -1)) (fptr #f))
  (define (mod-diff x y) (modulo (- x y) two31)) ; generic version
  ; (define (mod-diff x y) (logand (- x y) #x7FFFFFFF)) ; fast version
  (define (flip-cycle)
    (do ((ii 1 (+ ii 1)) (jj 32 (+ jj 1))) ((< 55 jj))
      (vector-set! a ii (mod-diff (vector-ref a ii) (vector-ref a jj))))
    (do ((ii 25 (+ ii 1)) (jj 1 (+ jj 1))) ((< 55 ii))
      (vector-set! a ii (mod-diff (vector-ref a ii) (vector-ref a jj))))
    (set! fptr 54) (vector-ref a 55))
  (define (init-rand seed)
    (let* ((seed (mod-diff seed 0)) (prev seed) (next 1))
      (vector-set! a 55 prev)
      (do ((i 21 (modulo (+ i 21) 55))) ((zero? i))
        (vector-set! a i next) (set! next (mod-diff prev next))
        (set! seed (+ (quotient seed 2) (if (odd? seed) #x40000000 0)))
        (set! next (mod-diff next seed)) (set! prev (vector-ref a i)))
      (flip-cycle) (flip-cycle) (flip-cycle) (flip-cycle) (flip-cycle)))
  (define (next-rand)
    (if (negative? (vector-ref a fptr)) (flip-cycle)
      (let ((next (vector-ref a fptr))) (set! fptr (- fptr 1)) next)))
  (define (unif-rand m)
    (let ((t (- two31 (modulo two31 m))))
      (let loop ((r (next-rand)))
        (if (<= t r) (loop (next-rand)) (modulo r m)))))
  (init-rand 19380110) ; happy birthday donald e knuth
  (set! rand (lambda seed
    (cond ((null? seed) (/ (next-rand) two31))
          ((eq? (car seed) 'get) (cons fptr (vector->list a)))
          ((eq? (car seed) 'set) (set! fptr (caadr seed))
                                 (set! a (list->vector (cdadr seed))))
          (else (/ (init-rand (modulo (numerator
                  (inexact->exact (car seed))) two31)) two31)))))
  (set! randint (lambda args
    (cond ((null? (cdr args))
            (if (< (car args) two31) (unif-rand (car args))
              (floor (* (next-rand) (car args)))))
          ((< (car args) (cadr args))
            (let ((span (- (cadr args) (car args))))
              (+ (car args)
                 (if (< span two31) (unif-rand span)
                   (floor (* (next-rand) span))))))
          (else (let ((span (- (car args) (cadr args))))
                  (- (car args)
                     (if (< span two31) (unif-rand span)
                       (floor (* (next-rand) span))))))))))

(define (fortune xs)
  (let loop ((n 1) (x #f) (xs xs))
    (cond ((null? xs) x)
          ((< (rand) (/ n))
            (loop (+ n 1) (car xs) (cdr xs)))
          (else (loop (+ n 1) x (cdr xs))))))

(define broughton '(
  ("integrated" "total" "systematized" "parallel" "functional"
    "responsive" "optional" "synchronized" "compatible" "balanced")
  ("management" "organizational" "monitored" "reciprocal" "digital"
    "logistical" "transitional" "incremental" "third-generation" "policy")
  ("options" "flexibility" "capability" "mobility" "programming"
    "concept" "time-phase" "projection" "hardware" "contingency")))

(define corporate '(
  ("appropriately" "assertively" "authoritatively" "collaboratively"
    "compellingly" "competently" "completely" "continually"
    "conveniently" "credibly" "distinctively" "dramatically"
    "dynamically" "efficiently" "energistically" "enthusiastically"
    "fungibly" "globally" "holisticly" "interactively"
    "intrinsicly" "monotonectally" "objectively" "phosfluorescently"
    "proactively" "professionally" "progressively" "quickly"
    "rapidiously" "seamlessly" "synergistically" "uniquely")
  ("actualize" "actualize" "administrate" "aggregate" "architect"
    "benchmark" "brand" "build" "cloudify" "communicate" "conceptualize"
    "coordinate" "create" "cultivate" "customize" "deliver" "deploy"
    "develop" "disintermediate" "disseminate" "drive" "embrace"
    "e-enable" "empower" "enable" "engage"  "engineer" "enhance"
    "envisioneer" "evisculate" "evolve" "expedite" "exploit" "extend"
    "fabricate" "facilitate" "fashion" "formulate" "foster" "generate"
    "grow" "harness" "impact" "implement" "incentivize" "incubate"
    "initiate" "innovate" "integrate" "iterate" "leverage existing"
    "leverage other's" "maintain" "matrix" "maximize" "mesh" "monetize"
    "morph" "myocardinate" "negotiate" "network" "optimize" "orchestrate"
    "parallel task" "plagiarize" "pontificate" "predominate"
    "procrastinate" "productivate" "productize" "promote"
    "provide access to" "pursue" "recaptiualize" "reconceptualize"
    "redefine" "re-engineer" "reintermediate" "reinvent" "repurpose"
    "restore" "revolutionize" "scale" "seize" "simplify" "strategize"
    "streamline" "supply" "syndicate" "synergize" "synthesize" "target"
    "transform" "transition" "underwhelm" "unleash" "utilize" "visualize"
  ("24/7" "24/365" "accurate" "adaptive" "alternative"
    "an expanded array of" "B2B" "B2C" "backend" "backward-compatible"
    "best-of-breed" "bleeding-edge" "bricks-and-clicks" "business"
    "clicks-and-mortar" "client-based" "client-centered" "client-centric"
    "client-focused" "collaborative" "compelling" "competitive"
    "cooperative" "corporate" "cost effective" "covalent"
    "cross functional" "cross-media" "cross-platform" "cross-unit"
    "customer directed" "customized" "cutting-edge" "distinctive"
    "distributed" "diverse" "dynamic" "e-business" "economically sound"
    "effective" "efficient" "emerging" "empowered" "enabled" "end-to-end"
    "enterprise" "enterprise-wide" "equity invested" "error-free" "ethical"
    "excellent" "exceptional" "extensible" "extensive" "flexible" "focused"
    "frictionless" "front-end" "fully researched" "fully tested"
    "functional" "functionalized" "fungible" "future-proof""global"
    "go forward" "goal-oriented" "granular" "high standards in"
    "high-payoff" "high-quality" "highly efficient" "holistic" "impactful"
    "inexpensive" "innovative" "installed base" "integrated" "interactive"
    "interdependent" "intermandated" "interoperable" "intuitive"
    "just in time" "leading-edge" "leveraged" "long-term high-impact"
    "low-risk high-yield" "magnetic" "maintainable" "market positioning"
    "market-driven" "mission-critical" "multidisciplinary"
    "multifunctional" "multimedia based" "next-generation" "one-to-one"
    "open-source" "optimal" "orthogonal" "out-of-the-box" "pandemic"
    "parallel" "performance based" "plug-and-play" "premier" "premium"
    "principle-centered" "proactive" "process-centric" "professional"
    "progressive" "prospective" "quality" "real-time" "reliable"
    "resource sucking" "resource maximizing" "resource-leveling"
    "revolutionary" "robust" "scalable" "seamless" "stand-alone"
    "standardized" "standards compliant" "state of the art" "sticky"
    "strategic" "superior" "sustainable" "synergistic" "tactical"
    "team building" "team driven" "technically sound" "timely" "top-line"
    "transparent" "turnkey" "ubiquitous" "unique" "user-centric"
    "user friendly" "value-added" "vertical" "viral" "virtual"
    "visionary" "web-enabled" "wireless" "world-class" "worldwide")
  ("action items" "alignments" "applications" "architectures" "bandwidth"
    "benefits" "best practices" "catalysts for change" "channels" "clouds"
    "collaboration and idea-sharing" "communities" "content" "convergence"
    "core competencies" "customer service" "data" "deliverables"
    "e-business" "e-commerce" "e-markets" "e-tailers" "e-services"
    "experiences" "expertise" "functionalities" "fungibility"
    "growth strategies" "human capital" "ideas" "imperatives"
    "infomediaries" "information" "infrastructures" "initiatives"
    "innovation" "intellectual capital" "interfaces"
    "internal or 'organic' sources" "leadership" "leadership skills"
    "manufactured products" "markets" "materials" "meta-services"
    "methodologies" "methods of empowerment" "metrics" "mindshare"
    "models" "networks" "niches" "niche markets" "nosql" "opportunities"
    "'outside the box' thinking" "outsourcing" "paradigms" "partnerships"
    "platforms" "portals" "potentialities" "process improvements"
    "processes" "products" "quality vectors" "relationships" "resources"
    "results" "ROI" "scenarios" "schemas" "services" "solutions" "sources"
    "strategic theme areas" "storage" "supply chains" "synergy" "systems"
    "technologies" "technology" "testing procedures" "total linkage"
    "users" "value" "vortals" "web-readiness" "web services")))

(define shakespeare '(("Thou")
  ("artless" "bawdy" "beslubbering" "bootless" "churlish" "cockered"
    "clouted" "craven" "currish" "dankish" "dissembling" "droning"
    "errant" "fawning" "fobbing" "froward" "frothy" "gleeking" "goatish"
    "gorbellied" "impertinent" "infectious" "jarring" "loggerheaded"
    "lumpish" "mammering" "mangled" "mewling" "paunchy" "pribbling"
    "puking" "puny" "quailing" "rank" "reeky" "roguish" "ruttish" "saucy"
    "spleeny" "spongy" "surly" "tottering" "unmuzzled" "vain" "venomed"
    "villainous" "warped" "wayward" "weedy" "yeasty")
  ("base-court" "bat-fowling" "beef-witted" "beetle-headed"
    "boil-brained" "clapper-clawed" "clay-brained" "common-kissing"
    "crook-pated" "dismal-dreaming" "dizzy-eyed" "doghearted"
    "dread-bolted" "earth-vexing" "elf-skinned" "fat-kidneyed"
    "fen-sucked" "flap-mouthed" "fly-bitten" "folly-fallen" "fool-born"
    "full-gorged" "guts-griping" "half-faced" "hasty-witted" "hedge-born"
    "hell-hated" "idle-headed" "ill-breeding" "ill-nurtured"
    "knotty-pated" "milk-livered" "motley-minded" "onion-eyed"
    "plume-plucked" "pottle-deep" "pox-marked" "reeling-ripe"
    "rough-hewn" "rude-growing" "rump-fed" "shard-borne" "sheep-biting"
    "spur-galled" "swag-bellied" "tardy-gaited" "tickle-brained"
    "toad-spotted" "urchin-snouted" "weather-bitten")
  ("apple-john" "baggage" "barnacle" "bladder" "boar-pig" "bugbear"
    "bum-bailey" "canker-blossom" "clack-dish" "clotpole" "coxcomb"
    "codpiece" "death-token" "dewberry" "flap-dragon" "flax-wench"
    "flirt-gill" "foot-licker" "fustilarian" "giglet" "gudgeon" "haggard"
    "harpy" "hedge-pig" "horn-beast" "hugger-mugger" "jolthead" "lewdster"
    "lout" "maggot-pie" "malt-worm" "mammet" "measle" "minnow" "miscreant"
    "moldwarp" "mumble-news" "nut-hook" "pigeon-egg" "pignut" "puttock"
    "pumpion" "ratsbane" "scut" "skainsmate" "strumpet" "varlet" "vassal"
    "whey-face" "wagtail")))

(define (buzz xss) (string-join #\space (map fortune xss)))

(display (buzz broughton)) (newline)
(display (buzz broughton)) (newline)
(display (buzz broughton)) (newline)
(display (buzz corporate)) (newline)
(display (buzz corporate)) (newline)
(display (buzz corporate)) (newline)
(display (buzz shakespeare)) (newline)
(display (buzz shakespeare)) (newline)
(display (buzz shakespeare)) (newline)

integrated digital mobility
functional digital options
compatible policy concept

objectively cultivate cross-unit deliverables
proactively communicate fully researched markets
dynamically maintain user friendly infrastructures

Thou dissembling shard-borne baggage
Thou villainous crook-pated clack-dish
Thou unmuzzled toad-spotted maggot-pie

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