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bkouhi - Plain Text, pasted on Apr 26:

complete portmaster	'c/-C/x:-C :  prevents make clean from being run before building./' \
                        'c/-G/x:-G :  prevents make config./' \
                        'c/-H/x:-H :  hide details of the port build and install in a log file./' \
                        'c/-K/x:-K :  prevents make clean from being run after building./' \
                        'c/-B/x:-B :  prevents creation of the backup package for the installed port./' \
                        'c/-b/x:-b :  create and keep a backup package of an installed port./' \
                        'c/-g/x:-g :  create a package of the new port./' \
                        'c/-n/x:-n :  run through all steps, but do not make or install any ports./' \
                        'c/-t/x:-t :  recurse dependencies thoroughly, using all-depends-list./' \
                        'c/-v/x:-v :  verbose output./' \
                        'c/-w/x:-w :  save old shared libraries before deinstall./' \
                        'c/-i/x:-i :  interactive update mode -- ask whether to rebuild ports./' \
                        'c/-D/x:-D :  no cleaning of distfiles./' \
                        'c/-d/x:-d :  always clean distfiles./' \
                        'c/-m/x:-m :  arguments for make./' \
                        'c/-x/x:-x :  avoid building or updating ports that match this pattern./' \
                        'c/--/(always-fetch check-depends check-port-dbdir clean-distfiles clean-packages \
			delete-build-only delete-packages force-config help index index-first index-only \
			list-origins local-packagedir  no-confirm no-index-fetch no-term-title packages \
			packages-build packages-if-newer packages-local packages-only show-work update-if-newer version)/' \
			'c/-/(C G H K B b g n t v w i D d m x)/' \
			'p/1/d/' \
                        'n@*@`pkg_info -E \*`@'

complete pkg	'c/-d/x:-d :  Show debug information./' \
		'c/-C/x:-C <configuration file>/' \
		'c/-c/x:-c <chroot path>/' \
		'c/-j/x:-j <jail name or id>/' \
		'n/add/f:*.{txz,tbz,tgz}/'      \
                'n,remove,`ls -1 /var/db/pkg`,' \
                'n,delete,`ls -1 /var/db/pkg`,' \
                'n,info,`ls -1 /var/db/pkg`,' \
                'n,update,`ls -1 /var/db/pkg`,' \
                'n/which/f/'    \
		'c/-/(d C c j)/' \
                'p/*/( add audit autoremove backup check clean create delete fetch help info install query register \
                remove repo rquery search set shell shlib stats updating upgrade version which )/'

complete freebsd-update 'c/-/x:Synopsis: freebsd-update [-b basedir] [-d workdir] [-f conffile] [-k KEY] \
          [-r newrelease] [-s server] [-t address] command .../' \
                        'p/*/(fetch cron upgrade install rollback IDS)/'

complete bsdinstall     'p/*/( auto jail keymap hostname netconfig autopart partedit mount distfetch \
                        checksum distextract rootpass adduser time services config )/'

complete mergemaster    'c/-p/x:-p :  Pre-buildworld mode./' \
                        'c/-h/x:-h :  Display usage and help information./' \
                        'c/-v/x:-v :  Be more verbose about the process./'  \
                        'c/-a/x:-a :  Run automatically./' \
                        'c/-U/x:-U :  auto upgrade files that have not been user modified./' \
                        'c/-i/x:-i :  install any files that do not exist in the destination./' \
                        'c/-F/x:-F :  install the new file if the files differ only by VCS Id./' \
                        'c/-c/x:-c :  Use context diffs instead of unified diffs./' \
                        'c/-s/x:-s :  Perform a line by line comparison without regard to VCS Ids./' \
                        'c/-r/x:-r :  Re-run mergemaster on a previously cleaned directory./' \
                        'c/-u/x:-u :  Specify a numeric umask./' \
                        'c,-t,x:-t /path/to/temp/root :  Create the temporary root environment in /path/to/temp/root,' \
                        'c,-m,x:-m /path/to/sources :  Specify the path to the directory where you want to do the make(1).,' \
			'c/-/(p h v a U i F c s r u t m)/'

complete portsnap       'c/-/x:Synopsis: portsnap [-I] [-d workdir] [-f conffile] [-k KEY] [-l descfile] \
          [-p portsdir] [-s server] command ... [path]/' \
                        'p/*/( fetch extract cron update )/'

complete nextboot       'c/-/x:Synopsis: nextboot [-e variable=value] [-f] [-k kernel] [-o options] \
          nextboot -D/'

complete pw     'c,-n,x:-n name :  Specify the user/group name.,' \
                'c,-u,x:-u uid :  Specify the user/account numeric id.,' \
                'c/-c/x:-c comment :  Set the contents of the passwd GECOS field./' \
                "c/-d/x:-d dir :  Set the account's home directory./" \
                "c/-e/x:-e date :  Set the account's expiration date./" \
                "c/-p/x:-p date :  Set the account's password expiration date./" \
                "c/-g/x:-g group :  Set the account's primary group to the given group./" \
                'c/-G/x:-G grouplist :  Set additional group memberships for an account./' \
                'c/-L/x:-L class :  Set the login class/' \
                "c/-M/x:-M mode :  Create the user's home directory with the specified mode./" \
                'c/-k/x:-k dir :  Set the skeleton directory./' \
                "c/-s/x:-s shell : Set or changes the user's login shell to shell./" \
		'c/-/(n u c d e p g G L M k s)/'

complete gstripe	'c/-f/x:-f :  Force the removal of the specified striped device./' \
                        'c/-h/x:-h :  Hardcode providers names in metadata./' \
                        'c/-s/x:-s stripesize :  Specifies size of stripe block in bytes./' \
			'c/-/(f h s)/' \
			'p/1/( create destroy label stop clear dump list status load unload )/'

complete geli   'c/-a/x:-a aalgo :  Enable data integrity verification using the given algorithm./' \
                'c/-b/x:-b :  Ask for the passphrase on boot./' \
                'c/-B/x:-B backupfile :  File name to use for metadata backup./' \
                'c/-e/x:-e ealgo :  Encryption algorithm to use./' \
                'c/-J/x:-J newpassfile :  Specifies a file which contains the passphrase or its part./' \
                'c/-K/x:-K newkeyfile :  Specifies a file which contains part of the key./' \
                'c/-l/x:-l keylen :  Key length to use with the given cryptographic algorithm./' \
                'c/-P/x:-P :  Do not use passphrase as the key component./' \
                "c/-s/x:-s sectorsize :  Change decrypted provider's sector size./" \
                'c/-k/x:-k keyfile :  Specifies a file which contains part of the key./' \
                'c/-r/x:-r :  Attach read-only provider./' \
                'c/-j/x:-j passfile :  Specifies a file which contains the passphrase or its part./' \
                'c/-f/x:-f :  Force detach./' \
		'c/-/( a b B e J K l P s k r j f)/' \
		'p/1/( init label attach detach stop onetime configure setkey delkey kill backup restore suspend resume \
		resize clear dump list status load unload )/' \

complete hastctl        'n/role/( init primary secondary )/' \
                        'c/-e/x:-e extentsize :  Size of an extent./' \
                        'c/-k/x:-k keepdirty :  Maximum number of dirty extents to keep dirty all the time./' \
                        'c/-m/x:-m mediasize :  Size of the smaller provider used as backend storage on both nodes./' \
                        'c/-d/x:-d :  Print debugging information./' \
                        'c/-c/x:-c config :  Specify alternative location of the configuration file./' \
			'c/-/( e k m d c )/' \
			'p/1/( create role status dump )/'

complete jail   'c/-rc/x:-rc :  Restart an existing jail./' \
		'c/-r/x:-r :  Remove the jail specified by jid or name./' \
                'c/-cm/x:-cm :  Create a jail if it does not exist, or modify the jail if it does exist./' \
		'c/-m/x:-m :  Modify an existing jail./' \
		'c/-c/x:-c :  Create a new jail./' \
                'c/-d/x:-d :  Allow making changes to a dying jail./' \
                'c/-f/x:-f conf_file :  Use configuration file conf_file instead of the default./' \
                'c/-J/x:-J jid_file :  Write a jid_file file, containing all parameters./' \
                'c/-l/x:-l :  Run commands in a clean environment./' \
                'c/-s/x:-s securelevel :  Set the kern.securelevel./' \
                'c/-u/x:-u username :  The user name from host environment as whom jailed commands should run./' \
		'c/-/( c m r rc cm d f J l s u)/' \
                'p/*/x:Synopsis: [-J jid_file] [-u username] [-U username] [-f conf_file] [-p limit]  [-s securelevel]/'

setenv vms "fbsd obsd pbsd nbsd"

complete VBoxManage	'p/1/(list showvminfo registervm unregistervm createvm modifyvm clonevm \
			import export startvm controlvm discardstate adoptstate snapshot \
			closemedium storageattach storagectl bandwidthctl showhdinfo createhd \
			modifyhd clonehd setproperty debugvm)/' \
			'n/list/(vms runningvms ostypes hostdvds bridgedifs hostonlyifs hostinfo \
			hostcpuids hddbackends hdds dvds usbhost systemproperties groups)/'

set zpool_properties = (all alloc capacity comment dedupratio free freeing expandsize guid health \
size unsupported used altroot readonly autoexpand autoreplace bootfs cachefile \
comment dedupditto delegation failmode feature listsnaps version)

set zfs_properties = ( available compressratio creation clones defer_destroy logicalreferenced \
logicalused mounted origin referenced refcompressratio type used usedbysnapshots usedbydataset \
usedbychildren usedbyrefreservation userused userrefs groupused volblocksize written aclinherit \
aclmode atime canmount checksum compression copies dedup devices exec mlslabel mountpoint nbmand \
primarycache quota userquota groupquota readonly recordsize refquota refreservation reservation secondarycache \
setuid sharesmb sharenfs all logbias snapdir sync volsize vscan xattr jailed casesensitivity normalization utf8only )

complete zpool	'c/*,/$zpool_properties/,' \
		'n/get/$zpool_properties/,' \
		'n/set/$zpool_properties/=' \
		'n/-o/$zpool_properties/' \
		'c/-s/x:-s :  Stop scrubbing./' \
		'c/-R/x:-R :  Equivalent to "-o cachefile=none,altroot=root"/' \
		'c/-c/x:-c cachefile :  Use given cachefile./' \
		'c/-d/x:-d dir :  Searches for devices or files in dir./' \
		'c/-D/x:-D :  Lists destroyed pools only./' \
		'c/-v/x:-v :  Be verbose./' \
		'c/-/( s R c d D v )/' \
		'p/1/( add attach clear create destroy detach export get history \
		import import iostat labelclear list offline online reguid remove replace \
		scrub set split status upgrade )/' \
		'p/*/`zpool list -H -o name`/'

complete zfs	'c/*,/$zfs_properties/,' \
		'c/*=/( on off discard noallow restricted passthrough fletcher2 fletcher4 sha256 \
                lzjb gzip lz4 zle verify none metadata standard always disabled visible hidden \
                sensitive insensitive )/' \
		'n/-o/$zfs_properties/,' \
		'n/set/$zfs_properties/=' \
		'p/1/( create destroy snapshot rollback clone promote rename \
		list set get inherit upgrade userspace groupspace mount unmount \
		share unshare send receive allow unallow hold holds release diff jail unjail )/' \
		'p/*/`zfs list -H -o name`/'

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