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Patrick - Plain Text, pasted on Aug 2:
# ~/.bashrc

##### Setup Aterms #####
# If change any of the variables, you need to uncomment the echo commands below 
# to update the scripts
# Save history (-sl n lines).
SL="-sl 30000"
# Transparent (-tr), shading (n% of bg showing on focus).
TR="-tr -shading 60"
# Scrollbar on/off (-/+sb), transparent scrollbar on/off (-/+trsb). 
SB="+sb -trsb"
# Turn on/off scroll-to-bottom on TTY output inhibit (-/+si), on keypress (-/+sk). 
STB="-si -sk"
# Background color (-bg color), Foreground color (-fg \#hex). Only use a fg color
# if want to override xdefault color schemes (i.e., making fg white here will stop
# the bold and underline colors from appearing in man pages). The bg color will
# affect what color shades the transparency.
#COLOR="-bg black -fg \#ffffff"
COLOR="-bg \#1C232E"
# Fade (n% of original fg color on defocus). 
FADE="-fade 80"
# Terminal type name for $TERM (-tn xterm).
TN="-tn xterm"
# Fontname (-fn name). 
FN="-fn -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal-*-*-140-*-*-c-*-iso8859-2"
# Geometry (-g WxH+X+Y). The WxH is based on font, the X+Y is based on resolution."

# Create variables for the command strings
# Working aterms
#AT="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN $TN -g 129x65+290+195" 
ATX="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN -tn atermx -g 129x65+290+195" 
AT1="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN -tn aterm1 -g 84x32+443+387"

# 1/4 Screen, bottom right for working
AT9="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN -tn aterm9 -g 84x32+839+690"

# Full Screen for htop
AT0="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN -tn aterm0 -g 169x78+77+0 &"

# diagnostic aterms to fill the screen (left side, top to bottom)
AT2="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN -tn aterm2 -g 64x25+77+0 &"
AT3="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN -tn aterm3 -g 64x26+77+384 &"
AT4="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN -tn aterm4 -g 64x26+77+780 &"
# diagnostic aterms to fill the screen (right side, top to bottom)
AT5="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN -tn aterm5 -g 104x19+658+0 &"
AT6="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN -tn aterm6 -g 104x19+658+294 &"
AT7="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN -tn aterm7 -g 104x19+658+588 &"
AT8="/usr/bin/aterm $SL $TR $SB $STB $COLOR $FADE $FN -tn aterm8 -g 104x19+658+885 &"

# Create scripts for fluxbox to use. Uncomment these if change the above variables.
# The $@ allows calls to aterms that include other aterm options (i.e., the -e
# execute command which is heavily used in fluxbox's menu).
#echo $ATX '$@' > /usr/local/bin/atermx
#echo $AT1 '$@' > /usr/local/bin/aterm1
#echo $AT9 '$@' > /usr/local/bin/aterm9
#echo $AT0 > /usr/local/bin/aterm0
#echo $AT2 > /usr/local/bin/aterm2
#echo $AT3 > /usr/local/bin/aterm3
#echo $AT4 > /usr/local/bin/aterm4
#echo $AT5 > /usr/local/bin/aterm5
#echo $AT6 > /usr/local/bin/aterm6
#echo $AT7 > /usr/local/bin/aterm7
#echo $AT8 > /usr/local/bin/aterm8

# Set user aliases.
alias atermx=$ATX
alias aterm1=$AT1
alias aterm9=$AT9
alias aterm0=$AT0
alias aterm2=$AT2
alias aterm3=$AT3
alias aterm4=$AT4
alias aterm5=$AT5
alias aterm6=$AT6
alias aterm7=$AT7
alias aterm8=$AT8

##### Everything Else #####
# If on any terminal besides linux console:
if [ "$TERM" != "linux" ]; then
   # Issue commands to specific terminals after starting them.
   case "$TERM" in
         cd /home/blah/modifieds
         export TERM="xterm"
         cd /home/blah/ktorrent/seeding
         export TERM="xterm"
         export TERM="xterm"
         i2prouter start &
         sleep 3 
         echo "   I2P PID: $I2PPID"
         cd /home/blah/modifieds
         export TERM="xterm"
         cd /var/log
         export TERM="xterm"
         echo -n ""
         sudo tail -f -n 1000 /var/log/secure
         cd /home/blah
         echo -n ""
         export TERM="xterm"
         cd /mnt
         export TERM="xterm"
         echo -n ""
         df -h
         cd /var/log
         export TERM="xterm"
         echo -n ""
         sudo tail -f -n 1000 /var/log/messages
         cd /var/log
         export TERM="xterm"
         echo -n ""
         sudo tail -f -n 1000 /var/log/debug
         cd /var/log
         export TERM="xterm"
         echo -n ""
         sudo tail -f -n 1000 /var/log/syslog
         cd /var/log
         export TERM="xterm"
         echo -n ""
         tail -f -n 1000 /var/log/Xmy.log

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