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Plain Text, pasted on Sep 2:

There is 14ga wire (no ground) on a 20A breaker (grrrr),
running thru 1/2" conduit - breaker is about 40ft from garage.

The garage has an opener and freezer.
There are a couple of outlets in metal boxes/conduits as well.

I'm going off this ampacity chart:

I have a few spools of 14ga THHN wire now.
I'm trying to be cheap/frugal and (re)use it if possible.

I know I'll need at least 25-30A (110V) and can be on two+ circuits.

Since I HAVE to change things, I was wondering:

1) Would it be better to just run 220V@30A using 10/3?
Assuming that would give me two 110V@30A each circuits?

I don't have a "NEED" for 220V, but thought it might be nice for 
future expansion.

2) Just pull two or three pairs of 14ga THHN plus a ground?
(Sounds like a mofo to pull being in 1/2" conduit)

3) Something else all together?

I have NFC, if that wasn't obvious ;)

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