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10:22:05 < Nat_> Hi everyone
10:27:16 < benJIman> Is it likely that suse studio will be released as free software at some point or does it need to be NIHed for the
10:27:41 < Nat_> It's not in the plans
10:28:34 < benJIman> Any reason?
10:29:10 < Nat_> Same reason Google isn't open source :-)  Or Ubuntu Landscape, LaunchPad, ...
10:29:33 < Spyhawk> it's part of the "suse expansion" policy ? :)
10:29:34 < benJIman> Launchpad might be at some point.
10:29:43 < Nat_> benJIman: I've heard that for 5 years :-)
10:29:58 < Nat_> SUSE Studio might be at some point too
10:30:01 < Nat_> But not in the near future
10:30:05 < benJIman> The same reason that locking ourselves into launchpad isn't a good idea also applies to suse studio.
10:30:14 < Nat_> You can use Kiwi.  Kiwi's GPL
10:30:25 < benJIman> I am aware of that.
10:30:43 < benJIman> But we can't improve studio or set up our own instances, for debian development for instance.
10:31:06 < benJIman> And it's a bad idea to get locked into it for openSUSE development.
10:31:26 < Nat_> Right, we want people to use Studio for SUSE development :-)
10:31:44 < Nat_> We have a bias there
10:32:44 < Nat_> Anyway, Studio is just a UI on top of Kiwi
10:32:46 < Nat_> Most of the power is in Kiwi
10:33:14 < benJIman> It's not a good idea for us to use it for suse development since it's nonfree.
10:33:41 < benJIman> I'm fully aware of kiwi and do use it.
10:33:49 < Nat_>?If that's really important to you, we encourage you to use Kiwi
10:33:53 < Nat_> And to stop using Google :-)

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