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Plain Text, pasted on Apr 4:
iona% bzr svn-import -v --all --layout=trunk -v $WD/lx-src-before.svn $WD/main.bzr
Using repository layout: trunk0
Use 'bzr checkout' to create a working tree in the newly created branches.                       
iona% bzr checkout $WD/main.bzr/trunk $WD/main.co
iona% ( cd $WD/main.co && bzr merge $WD/libre.bzr -r0..20  )
+N  libre/                                                                                       
+N  libre/src/
+N  libre/src/Makefile
+N  libre/src/cli/
+N  libre/src/cli/main.c
+N  libre/src/form/
+N  libre/src/form/comp.h
+N  libre/src/form/glob/
+N  libre/src/form/glob/comp.c
+N  libre/src/form/glob/lexer.c
+N  libre/src/form/glob/lexer.h
+N  libre/src/form/glob/parser.c
+N  libre/src/form/glob/parser.h
+N  libre/src/form/glob/parser.sid
+N  libre/src/form/literal/
+N  libre/src/form/literal/comp.c
+N  libre/src/form/literal/lexer.c
+N  libre/src/form/literal/lexer.h
+N  libre/src/form/literal/parser.c
+N  libre/src/form/literal/parser.h
+N  libre/src/form/literal/parser.sid
+N  libre/src/form/simple/
+N  libre/src/form/simple/comp.c
+N  libre/src/form/simple/lexer.c
+N  libre/src/form/simple/lexer.h
+N  libre/src/form/simple/parser.c
+N  libre/src/form/simple/parser.h
+N  libre/src/form/simple/parser.sid
+N  libre/src/include/
+N  libre/src/include/re/
+N  libre/src/include/re/re.h
+N  libre/src/libre/
+N  libre/src/libre/getc.c
+N  libre/src/libre/internal.h
+N  libre/src/libre/parser.act
+N  libre/src/libre/re.c
All changes applied successfully.                  
iona% ( cd $WD/main.co && bzr commit -m 'fish' )                                
Committing  to: /tmp/migrate.lx/main.bzr/trunk/                                                  
added libre
added libre/src
added libre/src/Makefile
added libre/src/cli
added libre/src/form
added libre/src/include
added libre/src/libre
added libre/src/cli/main.c
added libre/src/form/comp.h
added libre/src/form/glob
added libre/src/form/literal
added libre/src/form/simple
added libre/src/form/glob/comp.c
added libre/src/form/glob/lexer.c
added libre/src/form/glob/lexer.h
added libre/src/form/glob/parser.c
added libre/src/form/glob/parser.h
added libre/src/form/glob/parser.sid
added libre/src/form/literal/comp.c
added libre/src/form/literal/lexer.c
added libre/src/form/literal/lexer.h
added libre/src/form/literal/parser.c
added libre/src/form/literal/parser.h
added libre/src/form/literal/parser.sid
added libre/src/form/simple/comp.c
added libre/src/form/simple/lexer.c
added libre/src/form/simple/lexer.h
added libre/src/form/simple/parser.c
added libre/src/form/simple/parser.h
added libre/src/form/simple/parser.sid
added libre/src/include/re
added libre/src/include/re/re.h
added libre/src/libre/getc.c
added libre/src/libre/internal.h
added libre/src/libre/parser.act
added libre/src/libre/re.c
Committed revision 3.                                                                            
iona% ( cd $WD/main.co && bzr merge $WD/lx.bzr     -r0..4   )
 M  libre/src/Makefile                                                                           
 M  libre/src/cli/main.c
 M  libre/src/form/comp.h
 M  libre/src/form/simple/comp.c
 M  libre/src/form/simple/lexer.c
 M  libre/src/form/simple/lexer.h
 M  libre/src/form/simple/parser.sid
 M  libre/src/include/re/re.h
 M  libre/src/libre/parser.act
 M  libre/src/libre/re.c
Path conflict: libre / libre
Text conflict in libre/src/Makefile
Text conflict in libre/src/cli/main.c
Text conflict in libre/src/form/comp.h
Text conflict in libre/src/form/simple/comp.c
Text conflict in libre/src/form/simple/lexer.c
Text conflict in libre/src/form/simple/lexer.h
Text conflict in libre/src/form/simple/parser.sid
Text conflict in libre/src/include/re/re.h
Text conflict in libre/src/libre/parser.act
Text conflict in libre/src/libre/re.c
11 conflicts encountered.                                                                        
iona* ( cd $WD/main.co && bzr commit -m 'fish2' )            
bzr: ERROR: Conflicts detected in working tree.  Use "bzr conflicts" to list, "bzr resolve FILE" to resolve.

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