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PHP, pasted on Dec 3:

class test{
public $test1 = "this is a test of a pulic property";
private $test2 = "this is a test of a private property";
protected $test3 = "this is a test of a protected property";
const hello = 900000;
function __construct($h){
    //echo 'this is the constructor test '.$h;

function x($x2){
    echo ' this is fn x'.$x2;
function y(){
    print "this is fn y";

function __destruct(){
    echo 'now dieing...bye bye :-(';

class hey extends test{
    function hey(){
        $this->x('<br>from the host with the most');
        echo ' <br>from hey class'.$this->test3;

    function __destruct(){
$obj = new test("this is an \"arg\" sent to instance of test");
$obj2 = new hey();
echo $obj2->hello;


 this is fn x<br>from the host with the most <br>from hey classthis is a test of a protected propertynow dieing...bye bye :-(

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