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EAC extraction logfile from 19. July 2007, 8:22 for CD
Def Leppard / Pyromania (Original Master Recording)

Used drive  : PIONEER DVD-RW  DVR-109   Adapter: 0  ID: 0
Read mode   : Secure with NO C2, accurate stream, disable cache
Read offset correction : 48
Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out : No

Used output format : Internal WAV Routines
                     44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo

Other options      : 
    Fill up missing offset samples with silence : Yes
    Delete leading and trailing silent blocks : No
    Installed external ASPI interface

Range status and errors
Selected range
     Filename D:\New Folder (2)\Share\2007\Def Leppard - Pyromania (Original Master Recording).wav

     Peak level 96.3 %
     Range quality 100.0 %
     CRC 4AD6C01F
     Copy OK

No errors occured

End of status report

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