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Name: Perfect Essay
Site/Blog: https://www.stopthebreaks.com/music-industry-news/write-like-a-pro-7-tips-for-perfect-essay/
Location: New York
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About: According to various estimates, there are 400-600 production-ready programming languages in the world. And there are at least two orders of magnitude more experimental projects. How to make the right choice with so many options? How to choose a language that will not only be commercially desirable, but also will be happy in everyday practice? How will this choice prove itself in the long run? Criteria for choosing the first and N-th language are radically different. This article discusses the choice of the first language. What is meant by "first" language? That in which you can perform commercial orders! That is, if you've read something on a dozen languages, but do not reach Junior in any of them - this article may be useful to you. The illusion of choice The first thing to understand is that you don't have much choice. Of all the many languages, it's easy to pick out the top 10. 80% of what happens is there. Strictly Pareto. Top 20 "known" languages defines the boundaries of rational choice (the first language). Another dozen "little things" are for the adventurous. "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" - further down the list. Conclusion: if you do not know what language to choose - choose one of the popular. The inertia of the industry is very high. Radical changes are rare (and increasingly rare, over time), and the list leaders are firmly in place. A change of leader(s) in an area is almost always through a change of platform itself, not through losing in "fair" competition. Perl, Cobol, Pascal are a few counter-examples. Want a new language? Wait for a platform (or paradigm) change. What do we choose? Another uncomfortable truth is that we don't choose a language. We choose a direction with 1, 2 or 3 languages attached to it. They have already been "chosen" for us. By whom? The industry, the market, historical chance, finally.

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