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About: The Dollar General Corporation has enjoyed many years of success. Recently, however financial difficulties have slowed the company's ability to continue growing and expand its operations. In the past 5 years, there has been an abundance of financial problems that the company has faced. An examination of the financial statements from the last two years exposes some worrying patterns. The last year, despite significant growth in sales in new stores, the dollar stores recorded an increase of only 6 percent, well below the average of twenty percent over the past five years. In addition, sales at the same store decreased by three percent over the past year, extending the trend of five years of declining growth. This has led to more dollar stores opening less often because of the lack of foot traffic. Thus, while the number of dollar stores increased, this insufficient customer means fewer sales and fewer profits for business owners. Take Dollar general guest satisfaction survey from https://dgcustomerfirst.blog/

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