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About: Convert Your Audience To Engaged Customers The future of e-commerce is interactive marketing! Involve.me does exactly that! The company's platform provides personalized experiences for marketers with interactive content which can be used across any point in your funnel - from lead acquisition to conversion rates up until measuring customer satisfaction. When you're looking to reach potential customers who are interested only when they hear about YOU through social media posts or word on mouth advertising; what better way than by using our creative solutions? Our sales funnels builder allows us to create engaging ads (at no extra cost) so people will talk positively. You can also send personalized and mobile-friendly follow-ups without writing a single line of code through no-code content builder. Give your customers a voice and turn every interaction into meaningful insights. Build customer profiles to monitor their experience over time, giving you the data needed for successful marketing campaigns that connect with consumers on an emotional level! Businesses like Universal pictures and Bloomberg use our tools for interactive content across their funnel.

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