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Site/Blog: https://www.canlift.ca/equipment/genie/
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About: About CanLift Equipment Member Since: February 19, 2021 Description Independent Equipment Provider CanLift Equipment offers a wide range of high-quality aerial lift rentals to suit your budget. Our price matching policy guarantees the best rental rates on the market. We also have a vast partner network of lift equipment companies that spans all over North America, allowing us to distribute a wide array of products at the best possible prices. We provide various makes and models, from jlg boom lifts, scissor lifts to aerial lifts and vertical lifts. If you are looking for a boom truck lift or genie boom rental, you are in the right place. CanLift store gives various aerial equipment rentals from leading companies that can work safely and efficiently in the most challenging work and work environments. All stock of lift equipment rentals from CanLift is guaranteed and certified by qualified, factory-trained, and experienced technicians.

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