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Python, pasted on Jan 8:
import sys,os,glob
import datetime
import zipfile

def translatedate(date):
    #returns a datetime.date object from a string representing a date

def errorprompt(msg):
    #user-display of errors, prompts for retry or quit

def getTCOM(date,store):

    filename = "{:04}{:02}{:02}.ZIP".format(store,date.month,date.day)
    #the day's paperwork that I'm looking for

    coms_filter = ["coms{:02}{:02}{}.zip".format(date.month,date.day,
                                                   str(date.year)[-2:]) for\
                    date in (date+datetime.timedelta(day) for\
                             day in range(0,11))]
    #all the archives I feel may contain that paperwork date

    zipfiles = [zipfile.ZipFile(path) for path in coms_filter if\
                path in glob.glob("coms*.zip")]
    #a list of those archives (as ZipFiles) that actually exist
    output = None
    for archive in zipfiles:
        if not output:
            file = [file for file in archive.infolist() if file.filename.split("/")[-1] == filename]
            if file:
                tmp = archive.extract(file[0],path=".")
                output = True
    #iterate through and find the paperwork date I'm looking for, closing every
    #archive I opened earlier. This can (and will) be refactored so I pass it a
    #path and use a context manager to open each one and search but speed
    #doesn't matter to me yet -- just want function

    return tmp #return the location of the paperwork date file I extracted

def main():
    date = None
    while date is None:
        datestring = input("Paperwork date (mm/dd/yyyy): ")
        try: date = translatedate(datestring) #get the date, there's 
        except ValueError as e:               #some error checking that
            errorprompt(e)                    #goes along in this process
            raise                             #uncaught errors get raised

    store = None                              #same for store, error chk etc
    storelist = [a_list_of_our_store_numbers]
    while store is None:
        try: store = int(input("Store number: "))
        except TypeError:
            errorprompt("That was not a number")
        if store not in storelist:
            store = None
            errorprompt("Invalid Store Number")

    tcom_file = getTCOM(date,store)  #gets the path of the com file I need
    tcom = zipfile.ZipFile(tcom_file)#opens it as a ZipFile

    #do useful stuff here

    tcom.close()                     #closes it             
    os.remove(tcom_file)             #deletes it since I still have the archive
if __name__ == "__main__":

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